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Summary: Didn’t all fit.  1750 cal, 132 protein, 142 carbs, 68 fat, 84 oz water.  Good on calories.  Not enough protein or carbs.  A little high on fat.  Perfect amount of water.  With Thanksgiving coming up I am going to try to control my food intake, but I can’t promise anything.  I love Thanksgiving.

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I ate so much that I couldn’t get the entire thing in a screen shot.  The daily totals are: Protein 120 out of 204g, Carbs 204 out of 233g, Fats 98 out of 65g, Calories 2233 out of 2330.

Summary: Still not enough protein.  Good on Carbs.  Way too much Fat. Still under my total Calories for the day.  The church breakfast was just way too good to pass up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.15.29 AMSummary: Low on calories again, but still feel good.  Carbs, fat, and protein all low when you don’t eat enough.  I need to make more time to eat.  Weighed in at 233 lbs though today.  Goal is to hit 225 lbs by Christmas.

9am – 585 cal, 32 pro, 58 carb, 26 fat, 20 oz water

12pm – 1126 cal, 41 pro, 119 carb, 56 fat, 10 0z water

3pm –

6pm – 793 cal, 26 pro, 136 carb, 16 fat, 0 oz water

9pm –

Total – 2504 cal, 98 pro, 313 carb, 98 fat, 30 0z water

Summary – Way t0o many calories!!! I went over by 300 or so.  Not enough protein!!! About 100 short.  Too may carbs!!! Over by 70ish.  Too much fat!!! Over by nearly 100%.  Not enough water!!! About 50 oz short of what I normally drink.  This was just a very off day for my nutrition.  I will be back on track tomorrow.

10/12/15 – 1348 cal, 128g protein, 128g carbs, 41g fat, 32oz water

10/13/15 – 1766 cal, 182g protein, 150g carbs, 52g fat, 80oz water

10/14/15 – 2200 cal, 148g protein, 95g carbs, 118g fat, 68oz water

10/15/15 – 2338 cal, 213g protein, 152g carbs, 99g fat, 58oz water

10/16/15 – 2274 cal, 109g protein, 142g carbs, 127g fat, 36oz water

10/17/15 – ???

10/18/15 – 2305 cal, 149g protein, 179g carbs, 108g fat, 60oz water

Averages – 2062 cal, 151g protein, 141g carbs, 92g fat, 56oz water

Supplements: Nutrilite Whey Protein, Rhodiola 110, CLA 500

Bodyweight: down to 235 lbs from 236 lbs last week.

10/5/15 – 1237 cal, 113.5g protein, 81g carbs, 27g fat, 60oz water

10/6/15 – 2120 cal, 113g protein, 231g carbs, 60g fat, 56oz water

10/7/15 – 2195 cal, 132g protein, 212g carbs, 75g fat, 80oz water

10/8/15 – 1902 cal, 140g protein, 152g carbs, 86g fat, 68oz water

10/9/15 – 1778 cal, 105g protein, 183g carbs, 68g fat, 60oz water

10/10/15 – 2426 cal, 204g protein, 238g carbs, 88g fat, 72oz water

10/11/15 – 1480 cal, 114g protein, 153g carbs, 35g fat, 40oz water

Averages – 1877 cal, 132g protein, 179g carbs, 63g fat, 55oz water

Supplements: Nutrilite Whey Protein, Rhodiola 110, CLA 500

Bodyweight: down to 236 lbs from 239 lbs last week.


Water Intake: 7x8oz glasses

Breakfast: Whey Protein (Nutrilite) – 150 cal, 1g fat, 8g carbs, 25g protein, 35mg Chol

Snack: Saucy Cajun Pork Medallions – 266 cal, 11g fat, 8g carbs, 37g protein, +Chol

Lunch: Saucy Cajun Chicken Medallions – 352 cal, 12g fat, 17g carbs, 46g protein, +Chol

Snack: Nothing

Dinner: Grilled Salmon Salad with Avocado and Mango – 246 cal, 24g fat, 10g carbs, 21g protein, +Chol

Snack: Whey Protein (Nutrilite) – 150 cal, 1g fat, 8g carbs, 25g protein, 35mg Chol

Grand Totals: 1164 cal, 49g fat, 51g carbs, 154g protein, 70+ Chol

Vitamins, Supplements – 1 multivitamin (not sure on specifics at the moment), Rhodiola 10 (Pre-workout), Whey Protein (Post-workout)

Comments: Low on everything.  Didn’t eat enough today.