Giant Set 1

Hammer curls 20x3x10

One arm tricep extensions 20x3x10

DB shrugs 50x3x20

Giant Set 2

Dip belt calf raises 75x3x20

Wrist curls/extensions 10x3x10

Upright rows 20x3x10

Giant Set 3

EZ curls (w/ arm blaster) 65x3x10

French presses 65x3x10

Cable rows 75x3x20

Bodyweight 219.6

Blood Pressure 104/64

Featured #dailyselfie wearing 22nd St Barbell hat, Lewis and Clark Jazz Fest cut-off (XL btw), Daredevil socks (with the little horns on the side), and my old Fila (yard mowing) shoes.

Warm Up 65×5, 85×5, 100×3

Main 115×3, 135×3, 150×10

Joker 160×3, 165×3, 175×3

Boring But Big 85x5x10

SuperSet DB Front Raise/Lateral Raise 10x3x10

Bodyweight 218.4 lbs

Blood Pressure 107/64

Featured #dailyselfie wearing 22nd St Barbell hat, Totus Tuus cut-off (only an XL btw), SoxBox Strongman socks, SBD elbow sleeves and lever belt (video only)

Videos are the 3 Joker sets 160, 165, and 175

Warm Up 160×5, 205×5, 245×3

Main 285×3, 325×3, 365×6

Boring But Big 205x4x10, 205x1x8

Straight Arm Pulldown 55x3x10

Bodyweight 219.6

Blood Pressure 117/80

Videos show top Main sets.

Featured picture is my #dailyselfie: 22nd St Barbell hat, ‘Merica bro-tank, Nike shin savers, Hulkamania socks, and Strength Shop Deadlift Slippers.

Here is the amounts of weight I have lost since starting my #losethebelly journey. Just over 3.5 months and over 40 lbs lost. Start weight: 262.8, Current weight: 219.6, Goal weight: 200.

Warm Up 130×5, 160×5, 195×3

Main 225×3, 260×3, 290x2x2

Boring But Big 160x5x10

Slingshot Bench 275x2x5, 275x1x3

Incline DB Bench 25x2x10, 30x1x10

Bodyweight 221.6

Blood Pressure 103/69

(Video main sets: 280×5, 320×5, 365×5)

My leverages are all off due to weight loss so I don’t think I hit depth very often, but it feels good to be under the weight again)

Warm Ups 170×5, 215×5, 255×5

Main 280×5, 320×5, 365×5

Boring But Big 215x5x10

Dip Belt Calf Raise 70x5x20

Leg Extension 75x3x10

Bodyweight 220.6 lbs

Blood Pressure 106/74

#dailyselfie 22 Street Barbell Hat, NASA Powerlifting T-Shirt, Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smart Watch.


#DailySelfie is back: Stranger Things hat, 2016 APF meet t-shirt, Samsung Gear S3 Classic, Ultimate Warrior socks.

Thursdays are my arm/calf accessory days. Here is what I did today:

Cardio: 20 min of Exercise Bike (for about 10 miles)

Cardio: Walked a few blocks with a stroller to go pick up my kids 🙂

All Super Sets

1 Hammer Curls – 20x3x10

2 Over Head Tricep Extensions – 20x3x10

1 DB Shrugs – 50x3x20

2 Dip Belt Calf Raises – 70x3x20

1 EZ Curls – 75x3x10

2 French Press – 75x3x10

1 DB Upright Row – 20x3x10

2 Cable Row – 50x3x20

Bodyweight: 222.8

Blood Pressure: 118/72

Meals Today:

Fasting Time: 17 hours with only Decaffeinated Green Tea

Lunch: 1 serving of Dill Pickle soup with 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream, 6 strips of bacon, 3 pieces of Mozzarella string cheese and 3oz of Cheddar Cheese Curds

Dinner: 3.5oz of Cheddar Cheese Curds, 3 large eggs, 3 strips of bacon

108oz+ of water

Macros: 155g fat, 118g protein, 9g (total) carbs

SaraSoft Five3One logger

Bench Press Warm up
5 x 130.0 lb
5 x 160.0 lb
3 x 195.0 lb

Bench Press Main
5 x 210.0 lb
5 x 245.0 lb
2 x 2 x 275.0 lb

Bench Press Boring but BIG sets
10 x 160.0 lb
10 x 160.0 lb
10 x 160.0 lb
10 x 160.0 lb
10 x 160.0 lb

Slingshot Bench
2 x 275.0 lb
4 x 225.0 lb
0 x 225.0 lb

Incline DB Bench
10 x 20.0 lb
10 x 25.0 lb
10 x 25.0 lb

Bodyweight 223 lbs

Blood Pressure 113/77

Triceps were destroyed today from OHP Monday…couldn’t complete all reps. Will change up next week and do BP on Monday and OHP on Wednesday. 3/5 stars.

Videos of top sets (SORRY, VIDEOS DIDN’T WORK!!!):

Wendler log 531 app by SaraSoft

531: c1w1d1: overhead press

Posted: April 25, 2018 in Announcements

(Video: top joker set, 160×5)

Full workout posted on  Facebook.

531: c1w1d2: deadlifts

Posted: April 25, 2018 in Announcements

(Video: top joker set, 400×5)

Full workout posted below: