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Giant Set 1

Hammer curls 20x3x10

One arm tricep extensions 20x3x10

DB shrugs 50x3x20

Giant Set 2

Dip belt calf raises 75x3x20

Wrist curls/extensions 10x3x10

Upright rows 20x3x10

Giant Set 3

EZ curls (w/ arm blaster) 65x3x10

French presses 65x3x10

Cable rows 75x3x20

Bodyweight 219.6

Blood Pressure 104/64

Featured #dailyselfie wearing 22nd St Barbell hat, Lewis and Clark Jazz Fest cut-off (XL btw), Daredevil socks (with the little horns on the side), and my old Fila (yard mowing) shoes.

Week: 4

Date: Sunday 7/17/16

Time: -

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: -

Working Sets:

High Bar Squat – 390x3x2/fail, 6/6 reps, -1 rating

Wide Grip Bench Press- 195x2x6, 6/6, +1 rating

One Arm Dumbbell Row - 85x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Barbell Upright Row - 100x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 40/80x3x3/fail, 10/8/8 reps

Daily "Selfie" - No

No Video Again...
Week: 1

Date: Friday 6/24/16

Time: 12:30 pm

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

High Bar Squat - 355x3x3/fail, 6/6/6 reps, -1 (really hard today)

Wide Grip Bench Press – 155x2x1/2 Mondays reps, 6/6 reps, 1 rating

One Arm DB Row – 75x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

BB Upright Row - 90x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Crunches – bodyweightx3x3/fail, 20/20 reps


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 25/75x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

DIY Wrist Roller – 45x3

Calf Raises - Bodyweightx9x10

Daily "Selfie":


Crusaders: Bash at the Barefoot 2007 Cut-off.  The was a high school reunion type of party I went to almost 10 years ago. Flip-flops...

Back felt tight, but after a few sets of squats it started to loosen up.  It was a bit sore the whole time, but manageable. Some of the movements each day are starting to get hard while others are still really easy. I am not sure how the program will auto regulate this, but I trust it and the great staff at Renaissance Periodization. 

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel:
Heavy Hammer Gym - Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 1: 6/24/16