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Week: 1

Date: 7/25-29/16

Time: Various

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf


Working Sets:

Incline Bench Press - 195x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps, 0 rating

High Bar Squat - 300x2x3/fail, 10/10 reps, 0 rating

Barbell Bent Row - 130x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x3/fail, 35/35 reps


Seated DB Curl/DB Kickback Superset - 45/15x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Face Pulls - 55x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps


Working Sets:

High Bar Squat - 300x5x3/fail, 12/12/10/10/10 reps, 0 rating

Stiff Legged Deadlift - 225x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps, 0 rating

DB Upright Row - 30x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Planks - Bodyweightx2x45sec


EZ Bar Reverse Curl/Leaning Skull Crusher Superset - 65/0x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Wrist Roller - 50x2

Calf Raises - 35x2x3/fail, 30/30 reps


Working Sets:

DB Flyes - 20x5x3/fail, 12/12/12/12/12 reps, +1 rating

Barbell Bent Rows - 130x2x3/fail, 12/12reps, 0 rating

DB Upright Row - 30x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps


Incline DB Curl/Incline DB Face Crusher - 25/25x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Face Pulls - 60x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

7/28/16 - My 31st Birthday!!!

Working Sets:

Stiff Legged Deadlift - 225x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps, 0 rating

Lying Leg Curl- 70x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps +1 rating

DB Lateral Raise- 25x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x3/fail, 35/35


Seated Barbell Curl/DB Kickbacks Superset - 45/15x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Bar Wrist Curl/Ext - 65x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Calf Raises - 35x3x3/fail, 30/30/30 reps


Working Sets:

Front Squat - 210x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps, 0 rating

Incline Bench Press - 175x2x6, +1 rating

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown - 70x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

DB Lateral Raise - 25x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps


EZ Bar Reverse Curl/Leaning Skull Crusher - 65/0x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Face Pulls - 55x2x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Daily "Selfie" - None

This was the first week of my 2nd run through of the Renaissance Periodization Hypertrophy program.  It was actually quite a difficult first week after having such a "nice" deload week.  The weights just seemed really heavy for some reason.

No Video of this week...sorry.
Week: 4

Date: Thursday 7/14/16

Time: 3:15 pm

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: None

Working Sets:

Overhead Press – 220x2x1/fail, 10/10 reps, 0 rating

Underhand EZ Bar Row - 400x2x1/fail, 8/8 reps, 0 rating

DB Lateral Raise - 2-x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Figure 4 Crunches - Bodyweightx2x1/fail, 45/45 sec


EZ Bar Curl/Tricep Ext. superset – 80/70x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Wrist Roller - 55x3

Daily "Selfie" - 

This is my 'Merica Tank Top.  You can also see my Strong(er) Lever belt, SBD Elbow Sleeves, and my Icon Ag and Turf hat.

I love Overhead Press day! The only thing I don't like is that the program keeps adding more and more sets and it takes me so much longer to get through a workout.  I am looking forward to OHPing more and more weight.  I would love to be able to push press 315 within the next year.

Video Coming Soon!!!
Week: 1

Date: Friday 6/24/16

Time: 12:30 pm

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

High Bar Squat - 355x3x3/fail, 6/6/6 reps, -1 (really hard today)

Wide Grip Bench Press – 155x2x1/2 Mondays reps, 6/6 reps, 1 rating

One Arm DB Row – 75x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

BB Upright Row - 90x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Crunches – bodyweightx3x3/fail, 20/20 reps


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 25/75x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

DIY Wrist Roller – 45x3

Calf Raises - Bodyweightx9x10

Daily "Selfie":


Crusaders: Bash at the Barefoot 2007 Cut-off.  The was a high school reunion type of party I went to almost 10 years ago. Flip-flops...

Back felt tight, but after a few sets of squats it started to loosen up.  It was a bit sore the whole time, but manageable. Some of the movements each day are starting to get hard while others are still really easy. I am not sure how the program will auto regulate this, but I trust it and the great staff at Renaissance Periodization. 

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel:
Heavy Hammer Gym - Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 1: 6/24/16
Week: 1

Date: Wednesday 6/22/16

Time: 10:30 am

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: N/A

Working Sets:

Overhead Press – 145x5x3/fail, 9/9/8/8/8 reps, 0 rating

Underhand EZ Bar Row – 125x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

DB Lateral Raise – 20x2x3/fail, 12/10 reps

Figure 4 Crunches – bodyweightx3x3/fail, 20/20 reps


EZ Bar Curl/Overhead Machine Ext superset – 75/50x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

DIY Wrist Roller – 45x3

Calf Raises - bodyweightx9x10

Daily "Selfie":


Fear No Evil Cut-off (Matt 28:20/Deut 31:6, "Be Strong and of good courage; Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go".  Flip-Flops...

Training felt great today.  Shoulders were a little sore from yesterday but I managed to complete all reps/sets required for the day.  I am really starting to get into this new training style.  I know it will get harder the next couple weeks as intensity and volume change, but hopefully my body will be ready for the adaptation.

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel:
Heavy Hammer Gym - Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 1: 6/22/16

Friday – Chest / Arms

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @ H.H.G.

Dumbbell Bench Press – 75x5x8

Spoto Press – 210x5x8

Preacher Curl – 95x5x8

French Press – 95x5x8

Wrist Roller – 35×5

Saturday – Random (Because I was doing 5 sets of 8 this week I couldn’t complete my workouts 5am-6am time slot I scheduled before work.  I only missed 1 exercise each day.  I decided to do all of those accessory exercises on my day off to catch up.  I don’t know if I should do this or not so I am just going to go with how my body feels.)

Close Grip Bench Press – 195x5x8

Standing Calf Raises – 405x7x12

Wrist Roller – 50×5

Daily “Selfie” – This is my Avengers as Mt. Rushmore t-shirt.  It is one of my favorites.  It is very light weight, It breathes well, and It has some of my favorite Marvel heroes on it.  Also featured, my SBD Elbow Sleeves and my Inzer Iron Z Wrist Wraps.2015-12-12-08.09.50.jpg.jpeg

Product: Wrist Roller

Brand: DIY (Do It Yourself…tried the manly thing, making something myself)

Specs: Section of 2″ PVC Pipe, 2+” Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, Dog Leash

Review: First off, cut (we just used a hand saw) the section of 2″ PVC Pipe to fit over the safety bars on any standard squat rack.  (If you don’t have a squat rack or safety bars, this product won’t really work for you as it is intended.) Mine ended up being around 22″. Then secure the loop of the Dog Leash around the PVC Pipe.  After you loop it around, attach the Stainless Steel Hose Clamp to secure the Dog Leash in place. Tighten it down with a screw driver.  You now have a DIY Wrist Roller. Total cost was around $12.00.  My friend, and sometimes lifting buddy, Paul Ebsen gave me the idea and helped me make it. All you have to do now is attach any weight plates to it by looping the dog leash through the center hole on the plates and attach the clip to itself on the leash.  So far, mine has held 45lbs with no issues.  I am sure it can go heavier, but my wrists/forearms can’t yet. Here are some pictures:


Here is where I got the materials:

Home Depot:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.41.30 AMScreen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.42.26 AM

Wal-Mart:Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.44.16 AM


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section.  I will reply to comments as soon as possible.

Friday – Chest/Arms

Dumbbell Bench Press – 50x4x8

Spot0 Press – 175x4x8

Preacher Curl Machine – 100x4x8

French Presses – 85x4x8

Wrist Roller – 45×4 (each set includes rolling the wrist roller forward until completed, rolling it back down, rolling it back up the opposite way as previously, and then rolling it back down.)

Daily “Selfie” – Here is one of my new Bro-tanks. It is a bit small around the belly (like everything is), but it fit worse when I bought it 6 months ago.  I got it at Walmart in the summer because they had a HUGE Bro-tank sale going Apparently a lot of bros shop at wally world. Again, due to chest day, I am wearing my awesome SBD elbow sleeves and my old Inzer Z wrist wraps.  Maybe someday I can be a bro and actually show off some guns.2015-12-05-09.07.42.jpg.jpeg