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Giant Set 1

Hammer curls 20x3x10

One arm tricep extensions 20x3x10

DB shrugs 50x3x20

Giant Set 2

Dip belt calf raises 75x3x20

Wrist curls/extensions 10x3x10

Upright rows 20x3x10

Giant Set 3

EZ curls (w/ arm blaster) 65x3x10

French presses 65x3x10

Cable rows 75x3x20

Bodyweight 219.6

Blood Pressure 104/64

Featured #dailyselfie wearing 22nd St Barbell hat, Lewis and Clark Jazz Fest cut-off (XL btw), Daredevil socks (with the little horns on the side), and my old Fila (yard mowing) shoes.

Week: 4

Date: Tuesday 7/12/16

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

Wide Grip Bench Press – 215x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps, +1 rating

Underhand EZ Bar Row - 140x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x1/fail, 35/35 reps


Hammer Curl/Tricep Ext. superset – 40x70x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Barbell Wrist Curl/Ext. - 65x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Calf Raise - 325x4x25 - 25/25/25/25 reps

Daily "Selfie" - 

This is my new 22nd Street Barbell T-shirt. It is a great shirt for lifting.  Stretchy and light weight.  Also pictured: SBD Elbow Sleeves, Strong(er) Lever Belt, Little People Farm, Nick's shoe, camera trip-pod.

Volume has still been too high for my legs.  Program cut out my Front Squats again for today.  Hopefully tomorrow they will go well.  Tried to do some benching with my belt on to see how that felt.  I actually kind of liked the extra pressure.  Maybe if I had a single pronged, 10mm belt it would feel a little better.  This 13mm lever is a  little thick for benching.

Here is the link to the video - 
Heavy Hammer Gym: Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 4: 7/12/16
Week: 2

Date: Monday 6/27/16

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

Wide Grip Bench Press - 205x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps, 1 rating

Front Squat – 210x1x3/fail, 12 reps, 0 rating

Underhand EZ Bar Row – 130x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Crunches – bodyweightx3x3/fail, 20/20 reps


Hammer Curl/Tricep Ext. superset – 30/60x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

BB Wrist Curl/Ext. – 50x3x3/fail

Calf Raises - Bodyweight+20x3x30

Daily "Selfie":


Kicking Mass & Taking Names Cut-off.  This was our summer volleyball shirt from last year.  Our team is made up of parishioners from our Catholic church, hence the Kicking "Mass" part. Red, High Top, Converse shoes I've had since before high school.

Back felt much better.  I did a 10 min back stretching video before the workout and it really helped.  I might work that in a few times a week now.  Bench press is still feeling really easy while squats are getting harder.  I am finished with Week 1 now and I feel that my muscles have adapted (very slightly) to the new volume and rep scheme.  Hopefully that will get better and better.

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel:
Heavy Hammer Gym - Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 1: 6/27/16