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Warm Up 65×5, 85×5, 100×3

Main 115×3, 135×3, 150×10

Joker 160×3, 165×3, 175×3

Boring But Big 85x5x10

SuperSet DB Front Raise/Lateral Raise 10x3x10

Bodyweight 218.4 lbs

Blood Pressure 107/64

Featured #dailyselfie wearing 22nd St Barbell hat, Totus Tuus cut-off (only an XL btw), SoxBox Strongman socks, SBD elbow sleeves and lever belt (video only)

Videos are the 3 Joker sets 160, 165, and 175

Week 12 is all about working my way up to what I will be opening with at the meet June 4th.  Today I just did some triples, doubles, and singles working my way up to 320 lbs.

Bench Press – barx3, 135×3, 225×2, 275×1, 320×1

Tricep Pushdown – 50x3x10

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf




Hammer Curls – 25x3x10

Single Arm Preacher Curls – 25x3x10

EZ Bar Curls (w/Arm Blaster) – 75x3x10

Tricep Pushdowns – 50x3x10

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Had to end lifting session early.


Squat – 380x3x3

Squat – 435x1x2

Pause Squat (Below Parallel) – 135x3x10

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf


Sumo DL – 495x2x1
Sumo DL – 515x2x1 (current sumo max)
             (Tore off callus on left hand)
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown – 50x3x10


Feeling good about upcoming meet. Goal for deadlift will be +15 or +20 lbs from last APF in April of 2015.