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Week: 5

Date: 7/18-22/16

Time: Various

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf


Working Sets:

Wide Grip Bench Press - 195x2x6

Front Squat - 200x1x4, 200x1x3

Underhand EZ Bar Row - 125x2x6

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x10


Hammer Curl/Tricep Ext. Superset - 20/35x3x6

Calf Raises - 25x2x10

Barbell Wrist Curl/Ext. - 45x3x6


Working Sets:

Front Squat - 200x2x4

Block Pull - 365x1x3, 365x1x4

Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 20x2x6

Planks - Bodyweightx2x15sec


Preacher Curl/French Press Superset - 20/40x3x6

Shrugs w/Straps - 135x3x6


Working Sets:

Overhead Press - 75x2x4

Underhand EZ Bar Rows - 65x2x6

Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 20x2x6

Figure 4 Crunches - Bodyweightx2x10


EZ Curl/OH Pulley Ext Superset - 40/35x3x6

Wrist Roller - 35x3

Calf Raises - 25x2x10


Working Sets:

Block Pull - 185x1x4, 185x1x3

Low Bar Good Morning - 45x2x6

Barbell Upright Row - 45x2x6

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x10


Hammer Curl/Tricep Ext. Superset - 20/35x3x6

Shrugs w/Straps - 135x3x6


Working Sets:

High Bar Squat - 180x2x3

Wide Grip Bench Press - 90x2x6

One Arm Dumbbell Row - 40x2x6

Barbell Upright Row - 45x2x6

Planks - Bodyweightx2x15sec


Preacher Curl/French Press Superset - 20/40x3x6

Wrist Roller - 45x3

Calf Raises - 25x2x10

Daily "Selfie" - None

This was my first Deload Week during the new Renaissance Periodization Hypertrophy program.  It was also the first Deload Week that I actually wanted to come.  Volume was getting high and I was actually looking forward to a deload.  I actually felt that the deload would help me and I didn't get super antsy the first few days.


Chest / Arms

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @B.I.G.

Dumbbell Bench Press – 45x3x8

Spoto Press – 105x3x8

Preacher Curl – 40x3x8

French Press – 40x3x8

MAS wrestling for 1 hour at school.


Quads / Back / Calves

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @WITCC

Sumo Deadlift – 225x3x8

Stiff Leg Deadlift – 225x3x8

Seated Row – 100x3x8

Barbell Shrug (Back) – 185x3x8

Calf Raise – 400x3x20


AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @H.H.G.

Overhead Press – 150x3x8

Seated Dumbbell Press – 50x3x8

Hammer Curls – 30x3x8

Dips – bwx3x8


Tuesday – Quads / Back / Calves

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @ WITCC

Front Squat – 205x3x8

Dumbbell Shrug – 100x3x20

Seated Calf Raise – 400x3x20


Monday – Chest / Arms

AM Cardio – 15 min / 6.1 mi – @H.H.G.

PM Hypertrophy – @H.H.G.

Dumbbell Bench Press – 50x3x8

Incline Bench Press – 175x3x8

EZ Bar Curl – 65x3x8

Close Grip Bench Press – 190x3x8

Shoulder Complex – 10x3x8

This deload week has been funny.  I maxed on bench and deadlift on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the CSC Lift-a-thon.  I didn’t get a chance to workout on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  I did get to lift today, but I didn’t do my prescribed workout.  I am going to chalk this deload week up to needing to re-focus mentally.  Here is what I did:

Bench Press – 135x3x10

EZ Bar Curls – 75x5x10

French Presses – 75x5x10

While I worked out I watched Mark “Smelly” Bell and Silent Mike at supertraining06 on Youtube.  Here is a link:

Daily “Selfie” – Forgot to take one today… 😦

Tuesday – Hamstrings/Back

Well, today was supposed to be deload squats, but I thought I should prepare for the Comet Strength Club Lift-a-Thon.  I decided to do some max deadlift instead.

Deadlift – 135×5,225×5, 315×3, 405×1, 455×1

Daily “Selfie” – This is my Accidentally Grabbed A Plain White T-shirt selfie.  I do like the fact that it makes my arms look huge.


Monday – Chest/Arms

Well, it was supposed to be a deload day at 50% volume and 90% 1RM intensity. Since we have the Lift-a-thon coming up in a couple days and I have no idea where my maxes are currently, I  thought I would train a little differently than programed.  Probably shouldn’t have.

Bench Press – 45×10, 135×10, 225×5, 275×1, 315×1, 335×1 (I think I could have gone heavier, but I was lifting alone so no spotter and didn’t want to hurt myself.)

EZ Curls – 95x4x8 (used the Arm Blaster as well)

Daily “Selfie” – This is one of my old school Notre Dame shirts.  Again, like a previous post, one of the most storied schools in U.S. history.  Every time I head into the Heavy Hammer Gym I have to hit the Play Like A Champion sign.  It reminds me that in order to succeed and be a champion I have to train like a champion.  Also pictured, my trusty SBD Elbow Sleeves and Stiff, 1m Wrist Wraps.  2015-12-14-05.54.03.jpg.jpeg

Week #4

Day #5


5:30-7:00am (did 2 workouts)

Cardio Workout – Nothing

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes, Lats) and Upper Body Focus (Chest, Tris, and Lats)

Deadlift Warmups – 210×5, 260×5, 315×5

Deadlift Working Sets – 380×3 (missed 2 reps and the 2nd set, just couldn’t get it, will try this workout again)

Deadlift (2″ Deficit) Cool Downs – 325x2sx5r

Bench Press Warmups – 135x2sx5r

Bench Press Working Sets – 145x2sx4r

Bench Press Slingshot – 225×4

Close Grip Bench Press – 100×4

Bent Over Rows – 115×10, 135×10

Comments: Deload Day: 70/50% intensity and volume.  Used old Nike Knee Sleeves as shin guards.  Used Versa Grips Pro on last set of rows because callouss hurt. Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.