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Today was squat day at the Heavy Hammer Gym…but I had to do it without my trusty training partner Nick (@nick_benni on Instagram).  However, I did have the help of my 4 year old and my 2 year old constantly talking to me and asking me questions during my AMRAP…”Uff Da” (the proper Scandinavian spelling, lol). Here is what went down tonight:

Squats: 315x4x2, AMRAP 315×10 (no wraps or sleeves)

Incline Bench Reverse Hyperextensions: Just bodyweight for now (currently sitting around 220lbs after a couple weeks of higher carbs.  Getting back into low carb, high fat tomorrow)

Incline Bench Dumbbell Rows: 20x1x20, 25x2x20

Incline Bench Dumbbell Shrugs: 20x1x20, 25x2x20

Calf Raises (on Hack Squat Machine): 305x5x10

Sorry there is no #dailyselfie, but there is a video this time.  Hope you enjoy.  Comment if you would like to critique my form.  (I cut a lot of reps high on the AMRAP.  I guess I was nervous without my spotter there.)

Warm Ups: 170×5, 215×5, 255×3

Main: 300×3, 340×3, 385×4 (video, bad angle)

Boring But Big: 215x4x10

Leg Extensions: 75x3x10

Bodyweight: 220

Blood Pressure 106/70

Featured #dailyselfie: OBGYM camp hat, J.B. Boss powerlifting t-shirt, sister and brother-in-law.

(Top set, bad angle, not to depth on last 2 reps)

Week: 4

Date:Friday 7/15/16

Time: -

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: -

Working Sets:

Block Pull – 400x3x1/fail, 8/8/8 reps, 0 rating

Low Bar Good Morning - 100x2x1/fail, 12/12 reps, 0 rating

Barbell Upright Row - 100x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Crunches - Bodyweightx2x1/fail, 34/34


Hammer Curl/Tricep Ext. superset – 40/70x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Daily "Selfie" - None

My video editing software wasn't working so there will be no videos for a couple weeks...Sorry.
Week: 4

Date: Wednesday 7/13/16

Time: 10:45 am

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym
Training Partner: None

Working Sets:

Front Squat – 220x2x1/fail, 10/10 reps, 0 rating

Block Pull - 400x2x1/fail, 8/8 reps, 0 rating

DB Lateral Raise - 2-x3x1/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Planks - Bodyweightx2x1/fail, 45/45 sec


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 40x80x3x3/fail, 10/10/10 reps

Shrugs w/Straps - 255x3x3/fail - 12/12/12

Daily "Selfie" - 

This is one of my Jesup Gym T-shirts I got while I was on my #liftingtour on vacation.  Jesup Gym in Jesup, IA only costs $1.00 to enter for the day.  I was able to workout here after purchasing some new equipment for Heavy Hammer Gym at the Jesup Gym Equipment store next door. Very friendly staff.  Basically a mom and pop store that has been in business for a little over 32 years. I will write more about them later.

Today's Front Squats weren't awful, but I could only do 10 reps with this weight. (thats ok as long as I am in the 6-10 rep range) Block Pulls felt good as well, even though I only got 8 there.  I feel like my deadlift setup is finally clicking.  Hopefully I can translate this to pulling from the floor in my next strength cycle.

Video Coming Soon!!!
Week: 2

Date: Tuesday 6/28/16

Time: 10:30 am

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

Front Squat – 210x4x3/fail, 9/9/9/9 reps, 0 rating

Block Pull – 385x2x3/fail, 7/10 reps, 0 rating

DB Lateral Raise - 20x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Planks – bodyweightx3x35sec


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 30/80x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Shrugs w/ Straps – 230x3x3/fail (used Pro-Versa Wraps)

Daily "Selfie":


Mt. Avengers. Mt.Rushmore of Avengers T-Shirt. It has Avengers superheroes instead of the presidents on Mt.Rushmore. I hope you have that clearly now. I am pretty sure I got this shirt at Wal-Mart. Flip-Flops...

I watched out for my back on Front squats and especially on Block Pulls.  I used a belt on Block Pulls and I only tightened it enough so that I could still fit my hand through it.  This allowed me to get into a good position while still giving me enough back protection.  (I know that the belt, especially being loose, doesn't help much with actual back support, but is more for intra-abdominal pressure. It is a psychological thing for me.)

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel:
Heavy Hammer Gym - Hypertrophy Mesocycle: Week 2: 6/28/16

Thursday – Hamstrings / Back / Calves

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @ WITCC

Sumo Deadlift – 325x5x8

Seated Row – 190x5x8

Barbell Shrug – 205x5x8

Seated Calf Raise – 400x5x20

Thursday – Hamstrings / Back / Calves

AM Cardio – None

AM Hypertrophy – H.H.G.

Sumo Deadlift – 320x4x8

Stiff Leg Deadlift – 195x4x8

Seated Row – 100x4x8

Barbell Shrug – 195x4x8

No Daily “Selfie”

Thursday – Hamstrings / Back / Calves

AM Cardio – None

PM Hypertrophy – @B.I.G.

Sumo Deadlift – 135x2x5, 225x2x5, 285x2x3, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1

Seated Row – 110x3x9

Barbell Shrugs – 195x3x9

Standing Calf Raise (Machine)  – #42

No Daily “Selfie”

Last workout of 2015!

Thursday – Hamstrings/Back/Calves/Cardio

AM Cardio: (@ Heavy Hammer Gym)

15 min, 6.67mi, HR 100-120 bpm

PM Hypertrophy: (@B.I.G)

Sumo Deadlifts – 315x2x10, 405x2x2

Stiff Leg Deadlifts – 190x2x10

Seated Rows – 100x2x10

Barbell Shrugs (Behind The Back) – 190x2x10

Standing Calf Raises (Machine) – #40x4x20

Daily “Selfie” – This is another old school Notre Dame T-shirt that I pulled. I can’t even remember the last time I wore this.  It is also only and XL and isn’t too tight around the belly anymore. #LoseTheBelly. BTW, traps are starting to look good through clothes.


Tuesday – Hamstrings/Back

Well, today was supposed to be deload squats, but I thought I should prepare for the Comet Strength Club Lift-a-Thon.  I decided to do some max deadlift instead.

Deadlift – 135×5,225×5, 315×3, 405×1, 455×1

Daily “Selfie” – This is my Accidentally Grabbed A Plain White T-shirt selfie.  I do like the fact that it makes my arms look huge.