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Tuesday – Only did cardio – 6.3mi – @ H.H.G.

Wednesday – Shoulders / Arms

AM Cardio – 15 min / 6.1 mi – @ H.H.G.

PM Hypertrophy – @ H.H.G. (Had to cut workout short.)

Overhead Press – 165x3x8

Seated Dumbbell Press – 50x3x8

Wednesday – Shoulders / Arms

AM Cardio – 15 min / 6.1 mi – @ H.H.G.

PM Hypertrophy – @ B.I.G.

Overhead Press – 170×8, 155x3x8 (gonna stay at the lower weight until my endurance gets better)

Seated Dumbbell Press – 65x4x8

Hammer Curls – 40x4x8

Dips – bwx2x8

No Daily “Selfie”

Wednesday – Shoulders / Arms

AM Cardio – 15 min / 6.5 mi – @ H.H.G.

PM Hypertrophy – @H.H.G

Overhead Strict Press – 170x2x9, 170x1x5 (Just wasn’t feeling it.  Will stay at this weight next week)

Seated Dumbbell Press – 60x3x9

Hammer Curls – 40x3x9

Dips – bwx3x9

Daily “Selfie” – This is my only MMA related T-shirt that I have.  I bought it at a thrift store for a couple bucks.  It is an XL and I am just happy I can fit into it again.  #LoseTheBelly



First workout of 2016!


AM Cardio – 15 min / 5 mi @ Heavy Hammer Gym

PM Hypertrophy – Chest / Arms @ B.I.G

Dumbbell Bench Press – 60x2x10

Floor Bench Press – 190x2x10

Preacher Curls – 80x2x9

French Press – 80x2x10

No Daily “Selfie”



Last workout of 2015!

Thursday – Hamstrings/Back/Calves/Cardio

AM Cardio: (@ Heavy Hammer Gym)

15 min, 6.67mi, HR 100-120 bpm

PM Hypertrophy: (@B.I.G)

Sumo Deadlifts – 315x2x10, 405x2x2

Stiff Leg Deadlifts – 190x2x10

Seated Rows – 100x2x10

Barbell Shrugs (Behind The Back) – 190x2x10

Standing Calf Raises (Machine) – #40x4x20

Daily “Selfie” – This is another old school Notre Dame T-shirt that I pulled. I can’t even remember the last time I wore this.  It is also only and XL and isn’t too tight around the belly anymore. #LoseTheBelly. BTW, traps are starting to look good through clothes.


Over the past few days I took an impromptu deload week.  My family traveled to spend Christmas with my wife’s parents.  I did not get any workouts in (unless you count running around in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege for Xbox One).  I figured in this post I would talk about the awesome training related gifts I got for Christmas. (These are a mix of gifts from my side of the family and my wife’s side as well)


Pictured above:

Pudzianowski Poland T-shirt – This is a t-shirt from one of my favorite strongmen Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland (where my mother’s side of the family came from.)

Home Depot Gift Card – This gift card is going to be used to do the DIY project: DIY – Home Made Deadlift Blocks – YouTube (will probably mix together a couple different sources)

The Perfect Man: The Muscular Life and Times of Eugen Sandow: Victorian Strongman by David Waller – This book is about one of the first great strongmen/bodybuilders ever.  When I am finished reading it I will post a book review on the blog.

Iron Nation: Passion for Hard Training by Bob Whelan and Drew Israel – This book is full of interviews with greats in the lifting world.  It was written to”chronicle the most significant developments in the filed of strength training…”

Beast T-shirt – This t-shirt was made specifically for me.  On the back it says Heavy Hammer Gym.  I will probably wear it in one of my Daily “Selfie” pics soon.

CAP Loadable Dumbbell – This DB will come in handy.  I have a set of DBs, but they only go up to 50 lbs.  I have surpassed that weight.  I had another loadable DB that I used to train 1-arm DB press for Strongman.  With both of them I can now do my normal DB routines and be able to go up in weight.  (Today I did 62 lbs each DB. Yes I know that is a random number, but that is what they figured out to weigh.)

Not Pictured – another t-shirt that I will post in my next Daily “Selfie”.


Pictured Above:

2 framed photos: Top – Jón Páll Sigmarsson – another one of my favorite strongmen.  This is a picture of when he competed in a bodybuilding show. Bottom – Mariusz Pudzianowski – a picture of the man that goes along with the shirt from before.


Pictured Above:

Stamina Air-Resistance Bike – This exercise bike will help with my cardio and general health.  Heavy Hammer Gym has been missing a cardio/conditioning section.  I now have three pieces of indoor cardio equipment – a InMotion Compact Elliptical (also Stamina brand), this stationary bike, and a jump rope.  This goes along with my outdoor cardio equipment – a pair of farmers walk handles, a couple semi-tires, and one small(ish) tractor tire. My brother-in-law gave me the handy-dandy seat cover and it has already being used.

Not Pictured: some other random stuff like beef jerky, turkey jerky, deer jerky, bacon jerky, Gatorade, and Gatorade powder. Also got some Amazon gift cards.  I used them today to purchase a few more training related items.  As soon as they come in I will post pics of them too.

Sunday – Quads/Upper Back/Calves

Front Squats – 135x2x10 (felt really good today)

Straight Arm Pulldowns – 50x2x10 (really starting to see size added to my lats)

Dumbbell Shrugs – 50x2x20

Standing Calf Raises – 315x2x10

Daily “Selfie” – This shirt used to have sleeves…just like most of my shirts.  This was our Summer Beer League Volleyball T-shirt.  It says Kicking Mass (church mass not bulking mass) & Taking Names.  The team was put together by my wife for the Catholic church where we are parishioners. Playing volleyball counted as my cardio (once a week, lol).


Week #3

Day #1



Cardio Workout – Nothing

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Hamstrings, Back, Glutes)

Squat (Low Bar) Warmups – 200×5, 250×5, 300×3

Squat (Low Bar) Working Sets – 325×5, 350×5, 350×5

Squat (Low Bar) Cool Downs – 300x5x2

Good Mornings – 45x10x2

Comments: Morning SQ session was a make-up for missing my training on Saturday. Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.


Cardio Workout – 10 min on the treadmill.  3.5 speed.  Around 100 cal burned.

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body Focus (Chest)

Bench Press (No Pause) Warmups – 155×5, 205×5, 225×3

Bench Press (No Pause) Working Sets – 245×5, 275×3, 275×4

Bench Press (No Pause) Cool Downs – 225x5x2

Dumbbell Bench Press – 40×10, 50×10

Comments: Evening BP session was the normal training for a Monday.  I used my SBD sleeves and wrist wraps for the first time during both of today’s sessions.  The elbow sleeves work wonderfully.  No elbow pain at all.  The wrist wraps were perfect for bench press, but too stiff to use on squat. Shoulder started hurting a bit.  Done at Big Iron Gym.

Week #2

Day #5



Cardio Workout – 5 min on treadmill.  3.5mph pace. 3% incline.  114bpm heart rate.  50-100cal burned.

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body Focus (Chest, Lats, Traps)

Bench Press (No Pause) Warmups – 135×5, 165×3

Bench Press (No Pause) Working Sets – 200×3, 235×3

Bench Press (No Pause)  Cool Downs – 165x3x2

Dumbbell Bench Press – 30×10, 35×10

Bent Over Row – 55×10, 95×10

Dumbbell Shrug – 55×20, 50×20, 45×20, 40×20

Comments: Light Day – 70% volume and intensity.  Shoulder hurt a lot. Pretty much on all sets. Also mowed today.  1hour and 30 min for 550 cal burned.

Week #2

Day #4



Cardio Workout – 10 min on elliptical. Moderate pace.  No heart rate. Burned 50-100 cal.

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Hamstrings, Back, Glutes)

Deadlift (2″ deficit) Warmups – 215×5, 265×5, 320×3

Deadlift (2″ deficit) Working Sets – 345×5, 370×5

Deadlift (2″ deficit)  Cool Downs – 320x5x1 (I missed my second set because I rested too long and got cold)

Squat (High Bar) – 155×10, 175×10

Comments: Finally fell my DL form is locking in.  Abs tight, lats pulled down, triceps locked, feet width about right. Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.