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Week #3

Day #1



Cardio Workout – Nothing

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Hamstrings, Back, Glutes)

Squat (Low Bar) Warmups – 200×5, 250×5, 300×3

Squat (Low Bar) Working Sets – 325×5, 350×5, 350×5

Squat (Low Bar) Cool Downs – 300x5x2

Good Mornings – 45x10x2

Comments: Morning SQ session was a make-up for missing my training on Saturday. Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.


Cardio Workout – 10 min on the treadmill.  3.5 speed.  Around 100 cal burned.

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body Focus (Chest)

Bench Press (No Pause) Warmups – 155×5, 205×5, 225×3

Bench Press (No Pause) Working Sets – 245×5, 275×3, 275×4

Bench Press (No Pause) Cool Downs – 225x5x2

Dumbbell Bench Press – 40×10, 50×10

Comments: Evening BP session was the normal training for a Monday.  I used my SBD sleeves and wrist wraps for the first time during both of today’s sessions.  The elbow sleeves work wonderfully.  No elbow pain at all.  The wrist wraps were perfect for bench press, but too stiff to use on squat. Shoulder started hurting a bit.  Done at Big Iron Gym.