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Here is a picture of the last of my Christmas gifts.  I ordered these through



Captains of Crush Gripper No.1 – This grip trainer is rated to c. 140 lbs.  This is the best gripper tool I have used.  As soon as I can complete 12 reps I will buy the next size up.  As soon as I can complete 25 reps I will go up to the next size. You can find them at or

Left to Right:

Phil Pfister trading card – He is one of my favorite strongmen.  He was the first American since Bill Kazmaier (another favorite) in 1982 to win the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2006.

Franco Columbu trading card – He has been an inspiration to me since I saw him on TV competing in the 1977 WSM contest.  He was a boxer, powerlifter, and bodybuilder. He won Mr. Olympia in 1976/1981.  He also holds a doctorate in chiropractics.

Geoff Capes trading card – Another of my favorite strength atheletes.  He was a shot put champion (I loved throwing shot put) and had a famous WSM rivalry with Bill Kazmaier.

Wednesday – Shoulders/Arms @ B.I.G

Overhead Press – 165x2x10

Seated Dumbbell Press – 55x2x10

Hammer Curls – 35x2x10

Dips – Bodyweightx2x10

Grip Machine – 70x5x10 (then held for 20 sec)

Daily “Selfie” – This was one of my favorite shirts.  I haven’t worn it in a long time.  It is from the Dark Star Skateboard clothing line.  I didn’t know that when I bought it.  I just liked the warrior with the huge axe.  The reason I haven’t worn it in almost 2 years is because it is a XL.  I haven’t felt comfortable wearing anything smaller than XXL since.  I can finally fit back into it and feel semi-comfortable.  It is a little tight around the belly still, but I am working on that.#LoseTheBelly



Sunday – Quads/Back/Calves at Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym (Saturday – random workout in Ankeny, IA at Anytime Fitness with my brother-in-law Kris.)

Front Squat -175x3x9

Straight Arm Pulldown – #8 on the machine (maybe 80 lbs???)x3x9

Dumbbell Shrugs – 100x3x12

Standing Calf Raises – #34 on the machine (Don’t have a clue)x3x20

Seated Gripper – 80x3x10

Random Saturday

Sumo/Conventional DL up to 315 lbs.

Leg Press – 400x3x12

Bench Press – 225x2x5

Lat Pulldown – 100x3x10

Maybe something else…I can’t remember.

Sorry, but no Daily “Selfie” while I was on Thanksgiving vacation.