Christmas Season

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Announcements
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Hello Everybody,

If you follow my blog (even remotely closely) you will notice that I haven’t posted a Dietary Journal for a while. There are a few reasons for this.  I am not trying to make excuses, just stating why.

  1. I have fallen off the band wagon of nutrition and I am embarrassed by my diet the last few days.
  2. I didn’t record all of my meals the last few days either because I didn’t have access to MyFitnessPal/my diet log or because I didn’t know/can’t find the nutritional information for what I ate.
  3. This is the biggest reason.  The Christmas Season is crazy busy for musicians.  Here is my schedule of events over the last week or so:
    1. My sister had a Christmas Concert I went to.
    2. I had a solo gig for a women’s organization in town.  It was supposed to be 30 min of me playing piano and singing.  It turned into 2 hours of entertainment.
    3. Extra church Advent responsibilities.
    4. Singing the National Anthem at a school basketball game.
    5. Recording some Christmas carols for the Community College Christmas play.
    6. Singing a 15 min. program for an organization of elderly people.
    7. Singing a few Christmas carols for local high school counselors at their annual luncheon.
    8. Hosting our annual Christmas Concert with 30 min of choral music and 5 solo selections.
    9. Preparing for our Hoist for the Holiday’s Lift-A-Thon at school.
    10. Just normal Christmas preparation.

Again, I am not trying to make excuses for a poor diet.  I could have done better had I not been so lazy.  I am going to get back on track.  I have a doctors appointment in a month or so.  I want to weigh at least 5-7 lbs less than I did at my last appointment.  Thanks for following my blog. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.

  1. Laurie says:

    Junior, You don’t have to answer or explain to anyone but yourself. I, being a woman, totally struggle with eating the wrong things when I’m stressed or too busy to make the right food.
    This is the holidays! Let’s enjoy our lives full of events and celebrations. Otherwise, why are we lifting? To just be robots or something? Don’t know about you, but I lift for several reasons. I could sum most of them up as “quality of life.” So, this time of year is also part of our “quality of life!” We’ll just work harder come January.

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