Training Journal: 7/24/15

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Training Journal
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Week #1

Day #5



Cardio Workout – 45 min walking outside in the heat (93 degrees). I am on a trip to Kansas City.  I am staying in a hotel and we are next to the nearly abandoned, Great Plains Mall.  I walked around the perimeter at a moderate tempo.  Don’t know how high heart rate got (will be getting a monitor), but did start sweating.  I think I burned about 270-350 cal.

Strength Phase Training – was supposed to be a light bench press day, but there are no facilities near me.  I will just have to miss this one and train harder the next time.

Comments: Will try to go on a walk tomorrow as well as do some outdoor activities.  I did find out (LOL) that driving a car for 4.5 hours will burn 984 cal (I learned this at

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