New Training Cycle and New Training Program…Along with New Meal Plan

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Announcements
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I am starting over.

I made it pretty far doing the 5-3-1 method, but I stalled out.  My lifts weren’t going up.  I was getting more fatigued. I was getting injured.

I took some time off of lifting.  (I did do a strongman contest in there…maybe not the brightest idea, but super fun)

I am back and ready to go.  I am also try to change my eating habits and lifestyle a bit.

I am fat.  I already have high blood pressure.  I am borderline on glucose and cholesterol levels.  I don’t want to be on more medication or have diabetes.

A few weeks ago I finished reading a book called Scientific Principles of Strength Training by Mike Israetel, James Hoffmann, and Chad Wesley Smith.  It was a phenomenal book.  A fast read and great information.  (I will do a more in-depth book review in a little while.)  In this book it showed me how to program my own training routines based on my goals, strengths, weakness, and phases of training (Hypertrophy, Strength, and Peaking (for meets)) I created my own plan and sent it off to Dr. Israetel to review.  He will give me some feedback and make some suggestions and I will be on my way with new training tools at my disposal.

I am also changing my eating habits.  This summer I have fallen into what I call Fast-Food Hell.  It tastes so GOOD because it is so BAD!!! I haven’t gained any weight, but I don’t feel as good as I did when I was eating better.  I have decided to make an overhaul on my diet.  Not changing everything at once (I would fail), but a little bit at a time.

I will try to post in my training journal and dietary journal section everyday.  This will help me keep on track.  If any of you (my loyal followers) would like to make suggestions on my training or diet, i would greatly appreciate it.

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