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5-3-1 Cycle#2/Week#1 Deadlift

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Announcements
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My worst lift. I just can’t seem to keep the weight from moving away from me. I need to try to keep my weight back on my heels I think. Any form help is appreciated. Will be posting video for 3/12/15 soon.



I just finished reading this book. The only reason I decided to read this one instead of the 8 textbooks I have was fundamental curiosity.  I wanted to see if it had anything different to bring to the table.  It did. It was very informative on the business side of being a personal trainer. The book assumes that the reader already has certification as a trainer so the base of the book is slightly misleading.  There is alot of information that is useful for running a business including links to forms and manuals that would be useful. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t have their certificate already. It would be good to read after you pass your exam.  This book will come in handy after I pass my exam!

New Socks :)

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Maybe these new socks will help me hit higher lifts?!?!


Video – 3/10/15

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Great article on a subject that I deal with daily.

The Trick to Successful Self-Coaching –

the past few months I have used 3 products from Maximum Human Performance. I have been using ISOFast protein powder, Dark Matter Zero Carb Post-Workout, and Dark Rage Pre-Workout.  I will review them all individually, but let me just say that overall, I have seen great results from these products.  Since I started taking them I have seen muscle growth and definition improve, my energy while working out increase, and my post-workout recovery time needed decrease.

ISOFast Whey Protein – This product is the best protein powder that I have tried.  It tastes very good.  Mixes well with milk or water. It has been instrumental in my muscle growth.  I have seen the biggest muscle gains with this protein supplement.  Most of the time, I use it as a breakfast meal right after my morning workout.  I mix it with milk, a banana, some berries, and sometimes kale/spinach.  It tastes great and helps me with my over-night fasting hunger pangs.

Dark Matter Zero Carb – I think that using this concentrate has helped me with my weight gain/loss.  Without changing my diet too much, I have cut some carbs and used Dark Matter Zero Carb to help with recovery and muscle growth.  With this reduction in carbs, I have seen some weight loss and using this product has helped with my workout recovery and energy.  It tastes a little funny (chalky) but not unbearable.

Dark Rage – I originally tried the recommended dose of this product.  It was TOO much!!! I felt very shaky and weird.  I cut it in half after that and it was great.  Gave me the right amount of energy.  When my body got accustomed to that I kicked it up to 3/4 of a scoop. This is where I am currently sitting and loving it.  Plenty of energy for my morning and afternoon workouts, helps me with my intra-workout recovery/post-workout recovery, and giving me that “pump” I like to see while lifting.


265×10 is a new rep PR for me. Weighed in over 240. I need to get back on track with nutrition and losing fat (not losing weight)

Went to the Big Iron Gym tonight. Worked up to 335x1rx2s on bench and then did 280x5rx3s. I still need work on keeping everything grounded and tight.

5-3-1 Cycle#1/Week#4 Squat

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Training Journal
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Good squat workout after a weekend of driving.


Felt really strong in my core and shoulders today. I did 20 reps with 110 lbs.


Great DL session . 12 reps at 275. I also did 275×10 for 3 more sets.