Supplement Review: MHP’s Products

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Product Reviews
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the past few months I have used 3 products from Maximum Human Performance. I have been using ISOFast protein powder, Dark Matter Zero Carb Post-Workout, and Dark Rage Pre-Workout.  I will review them all individually, but let me just say that overall, I have seen great results from these products.  Since I started taking them I have seen muscle growth and definition improve, my energy while working out increase, and my post-workout recovery time needed decrease.

ISOFast Whey Protein – This product is the best protein powder that I have tried.  It tastes very good.  Mixes well with milk or water. It has been instrumental in my muscle growth.  I have seen the biggest muscle gains with this protein supplement.  Most of the time, I use it as a breakfast meal right after my morning workout.  I mix it with milk, a banana, some berries, and sometimes kale/spinach.  It tastes great and helps me with my over-night fasting hunger pangs.

Dark Matter Zero Carb – I think that using this concentrate has helped me with my weight gain/loss.  Without changing my diet too much, I have cut some carbs and used Dark Matter Zero Carb to help with recovery and muscle growth.  With this reduction in carbs, I have seen some weight loss and using this product has helped with my workout recovery and energy.  It tastes a little funny (chalky) but not unbearable.

Dark Rage – I originally tried the recommended dose of this product.  It was TOO much!!! I felt very shaky and weird.  I cut it in half after that and it was great.  Gave me the right amount of energy.  When my body got accustomed to that I kicked it up to 3/4 of a scoop. This is where I am currently sitting and loving it.  Plenty of energy for my morning and afternoon workouts, helps me with my intra-workout recovery/post-workout recovery, and giving me that “pump” I like to see while lifting.

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