Comet Strength Club Lift-a-Thon

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Announcements, Training Journal
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This year WITCC hosted another Comet Strength Club Lift-a-Thon. We are going to try to host two every year.  This one was called the Hoist For The Holidays being so close to our winter break.fb_img_1449263759339.jpg

We only had a few lifters actually show up, but we had a nice audience and had some good lifts.  Here are the results:

Kenneth Schmidt – 245lbs, SQ 365, BP 225, DL 475 = 1065lbs total = +4.35%

Nick Bennigsdorf – 190lbs, SQ 315, BP 245, DL 385 = 945lbs total = +4.97%

Devin Husted – 205lbs, SQ 365, BP 235, DL 425 = 1025lbs total = +5% (Awarded Best Lifter)

Me – 232 lbs, SQ 455 (passed on 3rd attempt), BP 335, DL 475 (passed on 3rd attempt) = 1265lbs total = 5.45%

We also did a MAS Wrestling demonstration.



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