Week #4

Day #2



Cardio Workout – Np Cardio

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body Focus (Chest, Lats, Tri)

Bench Press (No Pause) Warmups – 155×5, 205×5, 225×3

Bench Press (No Pause) Working Sets – 260x4rx2s

Bench Press (No Pause)  Cool Downs – 205×4

Close Grip Bench Press – 135×10

Bent Over Row – 95×10, 120×10

Comments: Deload Day – 50% volume and 90% of planned intensity.  Shoulder hurt a little bit. Need to work on wrist wrap placement to get the most out of them.  Used SBD elbow sleeves.  This is a Make-Up training for missing yesterday.

Week #4

Day #2



Cardio Workout – 10 min on treadmill.  3.5mph pace. 0% incline.  130 bpm heart rate.  50-100cal burned.

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings)

High Bar Squat Warmups – 135×5, 225×5

High Bar Squat Working Sets – 315x5rx2s

High Bar Squat (Pause Below Parallel) – 135x5rx2s

High Bar Squat (Pause Above Parallel) – 135x5rx2s

Comments: Deload Day – 50% volume and 90% of planned intensity.Two good workouts in one day.

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