Training Journal: 7/28/15 (My 30th Birthday!!!)

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Training Journal
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Week #2

Day #2



Cardio Workout – 10 min walking at 3.5pace on treadmill at a 2% incline. Heart rate at an easy 120.  Burned about 75-125 cal.

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Quads,Hamstrings, Glutes)

Squat (Low Bar) Warmups – 135×5, 185×3

Squat (Low Bar) Working Sets – 200×3, 245×3

Squat (Low Bar) Cool Downs – 185x3x2

Bent Over Rows – 45x10x2

Seated Machine Rows – 120×10, 150x10x2

Comments: Light Day – 70% volume and 70% intensity. Shoulder hurt on bent over rows.  It feels like my clavicle is hurting specifically.  Not sure if it is a muscle insertion point that is hurting or the bone itself. Done at Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym

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