Dietary Journal: 7/28/15 (My 30th Birthday!!!)

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Meal Plan
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Water Intake: 10x8oz glasses

Breakfast (8:00am): V-Core Protein Shake – 150 cal, 25g fat, 9g carbs, 25g protein, 40mg Chol

Snack (10:30am): Hard Boiled Eggs – 156 cal, 10g fat, 1.2g carbs, 12g protein, 374mg Chol

Lunch (12:00pm): Turkey Wrap (with lettuce instead of bread) – 110 cal, 2g fat, 4g carbs, 15g protein, 27mg Chol

Snack (1:30): XS Energy Drink (Cranberry-Grape) – 8 cal, 0g fat, 0g carbs, 0g protein

Dinner (5:30pm): Onion Smothered Turkey Patties and Asparagus and Citrus Salad – 748/102 cal, 40/6g fat, 10/12g carbs, 84/4g protein, ??mg Chol

Snack (2:00pm): Special K Protein Bar – 170 cal, 6g fat, 23g carbs, 10g protein

Grand Totals: 1594 cal, 114g fat, 68.2g carbs, 175g protein, 500+mg Chol

Vitamins, Supplements – 1 multivitamin (not sure on specifics at the moment), Rhodiola 10 (Pre-workout), V-Core protein (post/workout) – 150 cal, 25g fat, 9g carbs, 25g protein, 40 mg Chol

Comments: Too much Cholesterol again.  Not enough protein.  I think I am on the right track to getting more though.  I just need to eat higher protein snacks.


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