Training Journal: 7/23/15

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Training Journal
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Week #1

Day #4



Cardio Workout – 6 min on Elliptical at a moderate pace.  Don’t know how high heart rate got (will be getting a monitor), but did start sweating.  I think I burned about 200-250 cal.

Strength Phase Training – Lower Body Focus (Back,Hamstrings,Glutes)

Deadlift (2″ deficit) Warmups – 210×5, 260×5, 315×3

Deadlift (2″ deficit) Working Sets – 340×5, 365×5

Deadlift (2″ deficit) Cool Downs – 315×5

High Bar Squat – 225×10, 135×10

Comments: 1st time doing DL and SQ in a while…ouch.  Felt Okay. Feeling decent strength returning.  Just need to get used to the movements again.  Legs started getting sore after first couple sets of DL…IAP still doing well.  Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.

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