Training Journal: 7/22/15

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Training Journal
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Week #1

Day #3


Mowed the Yard – 1 hr – Moderate pace – burned around 300-350 cal.


Cardio Workout – 5 min on Elliptical at a moderate pace.  Don’t know how high heart rate got (will be getting a monitor), but did start sweating.  I think I burned about 200-250 cal.

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body focus (Shoulders)

Did some shoulder rehab/mobility work first.  Shoulder raise complex mostly.

Overhead Press Warmups – 80×5, 100×5, 120×3

Overhead Press Working Sets – 130×5, 140×7 (only needed 5)

Overhead Press Cool Downs – 120x5x2

Upright Rows – 75x10x2 (used ez curl bar)

Comments: Felt very easy today.  Right shoulder still hurts so I used some icy/hot type stuff on it.  Felt like I was getting good Intra-abdominal pressure built up and good Ab Flexion.  Done at Heavy Hammer Gym.

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