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wp-1466558794478.jpgI recently received a pair of Matt Wenning’s Lifting Straps.  The craftsmanship on these straps is amazing.  They stitching is impeccable.  The materials used are of great quality and held up to some testing.  These straps are very effective for the purpose of strapping your hands to a barbell or dumbbell.  They are even long enough to use for axle bars.  I would definitely recommend these straps to anyone.  They will become a staple of my training programs.  You can find them soon at  I believe they will be $14.99 plus S&H.

Week: 1

Date: Tuesday 6/21/16

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Heavy Hammer Gym

Training Partner: Nick Bennigsdorf

Working Sets:

Front Squat – 200x5x3/fail, 8/8/7/7/7 reps, 0 rating

Block Pull – 365x2x3/fail, 7/8 reps, 0 rating

DB Lateral Raise – 20x2x3/fail, 12/12 reps

Planks – bodyweightx2, 30sec/30sec


Preacher Curl/French Press superset – 25/75x3x3/fail, 12/12/12 reps

Shrugs w/straps (used new Ludus Magnus straps from ) – 225x3x3/fail, 12/12/12



Daily "Selfie":

Tough As Nails T-shirt.  Flip-Flops...

I feel that this new style of full-body hypertrophy training is going to kill me.  I have never trained this way before.  I hate reps higher than 5 (I am a powerlifter you know). This is going to take some getting used to.  That being said, I have been having fun with some new exercises and have actually been hitting most of my reps.  I feel that this training will really help with my muscular endurance (not a lot of endurance, but better than what I currently have) and give me some GAINZ in the muscle size department.  My quads are sore after two days of front squats, but not as bad as I thought they would be.  Maybe they will be worse tomorrow.

Here is a link to the video of my training on my YouTube channel: