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Hello Everyone,

I had a blast this weekend at the Quad City Strength and Fitness Expo in Davenport, IA.  It was a great weekend getaway for my wife and myself.  The all day admission was only $15.00. The CrossFit portion of this event was huge.  I didn’t watch much of it because, to be honest, it didn’t interest me all that much.  It did look like they were working hard and the audience was loving it.  There was a youth powerlifting demonstration and it was great to see kids getting into strength training.  There was arm wrestling and the Guns and Hoses (police and firefighter) strongman competition.  The Quad City Strongman Challenge and APF Powerlifting Meet were great.  Saw lots of great lifts on the powerlifting side and saw some strongman events that I haven’t seen in person before.  The strongman events were axel press, axel-tire deadlift, frame carry, yoke carry, atlas stone over bar, and crucifix hold.  There were a couple special guests that I got the pleasure of talking with for a while, Fred “Biggie” Smalls, IFBB Pro bodybuilder and the 3x World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw.  wpid-20150808_090114.jpg

Brian was awesome.  He signed my copy of his book and talked to me for a while about his training and competitions.  I also had the privilege of meeting Odd Haugen.


Odd was also amazing.  He convinced me to give MAS Wrestling a try.  So…I actually competed in the MAS Wrestling tournament at the Quad City Strength and Fitness Expo.


Here is me standing in my Official Athlete t-shirt.  (I will post some videos and pics in a little bit.)  I actually won 1 of my 4 matches and was probably in 4th place, even though I didn’t see my scores.  I really liked it and will probably try to do it again sometime.  I got to meet a great MAS Wrestling team from Oklahoma.  Very nice people, supportive, and gave very good advice.

I will definitely go back next year.  I will probably participate in the APF powerlifting meet and the MAS Wrestling tournament.  Maybe I will try the strongman contest.   I don’t know.  What I do know is that I had a lot of fun and that I will recommend it to all of my friends to attend.

The only bad thing about this weekend was that I didn’t get to train and my diet was terrible.  I am back to the grindstone today.