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Video – 4/16/15

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Training Journal
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Video – 4/14/15

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Training Journal
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Here are my results from the 2015 APF Big Iron Iowa and Nebraska State Powerlifting Championships:

Squat – 3 for 3 – Final Attempt: 501.5 lbs (227.5 kg)

Bench Press – 2 for 3 (Missed 352.7) – 2nd Attempt: 336.2 lbs (152.5kg)

Deadlift – 3 for 3 – Final Attempt: 523.6 lbs (237.5 kg)

Full Power Total – 1,361.3 lbs (617.5 kg)

These lifts got me 2nd place in the 242 lb Raw Men’s Division.


Here is how these numbers compare to my 1st Powerlifting Meet at the SPF Rick Hussey Tribute Meet:

Squat – 402.3 lbs

Bench Press – 325.2 lbs

Deadlift – 451.9 lbs

That makes for a 99.2 lbs increase on Squat, 11b increase on Bench Press, and 71.7 lbs increase on Deadlift for a 181.9 lb increase to my total.  I did this in 7 months!  I feel very good about how my training is coming along.  New goals have been set and a new training cycle has been started.  I can’t wait to compete again! (Videos will be posted later.)

2nd Powerlifting Meet

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Announcements

Well…I am just putting the finishing touches on packing my meet bag for this Saturday. I am excited for my 2nd experience at a meet. Main goals for this meet: 1) don’t bomb out, 2) hit at least 2/3 on every lift, 3) beat 1st meet total. (This shouldn’t be hard. My planned openers already do this.), and 4) HAVE FUN. Secondary goal: 1) PR on all 3 lifts. The way I have planned my lifts, my total should be close to 185 lbs over my 1st meet 6 months ago. I will post my planned lift numbers later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Felt good. Form is working better. Last training session before the meet.


Good start to deload week. Felt strong. Shoulders felt good. Feeling like I am finally finding a way to keep my body tight and actually use my legs on bench.  Last bench session before the meet on Saturday.