Book Review: Lifting is Life: Everything Else Is Excuses

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Product Reviews
Lifting Is Life: Everything Else Is Excuses

Lifting Is Life: Everything Else Is Excuses

Title: Lifting Is Life: Everything Else Is Excuses

Author: Bruce T. Ballog

– Holds certification in USA Weightlifting (2003), National Strength and Conditioning Association (2012), teaching and coaching

Main Theme: “How the pursuit of strength through weightlifting enhances the full scope of ones existence.” (back cover)

Content Summary: Some chapter topics include getting started in a weightlifting program, the basics of diet, nutrition, and supplementation, pain and injury, gender and age restrictions, and sample workout programs.

Content Analysis: Contains a lot of information that is common in the weightlifting scene. Includes some well-worded motivational quotes.

For example, pg. 4, “Weightlifting has the appearance of being purely physical. However, it involves the full scope of ones being. It becomes a self -sustaining symbiotic union of mind and muscle, achievement and goals. It thrives on enthused discipline and is absolutely impartial in granting benefits and rewards. “

Pg. 27, “Patience, practice, and persistence mark the path of progress.”

The book covers the benefits of specific exercise, however I feel it sells itself short on the exercises it recommends. The book really only advocates 4 major exercises: back squat, overhead press, dumbbell row, and dumbbell bench press. The repetition and percentage charts are very accurate to other sources. The book does a great job describing the motion groups: Grounding Group, Push Group Chest, Push Group Shoulders, and Pull Group. The biggest issue in this book is the amount of editorial misses/errors. There are multiple run-on sentences, incorrect uses of there, their, and they’re, many grammatical errors, and poor sentence structure.

Conclusion: Overall the information in the book is great. It is laid out well and discusses many valid points. The book could have been better with more thoughtful proofreading and edits. I still highly recommend this book.

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