STI: G6 Sports Supplements from GNC

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Product Reviews

Here are my thoughts after a couple rounds of G6 Sports supplements bought from GNC:

G6 Prolific Isolate- Vanillia – $67.99

Good – Good protein source.  Only 100 calories. 40 servings.  Did notice some gains in lean muscle mass. Clean and easy to digest.

Bad – Does not taste very good, even mixed.  Cost.

G6 Pre-flight – Fruit Punch – $49.99

Good – 30 servings. Did help with energy requirements for workouts.  Didn’t really see increased focus but usually focused when lifting anyway.

Bad – Flavor is very strong even with extra water. Cost.

G6 Replenish – Candy Watermelon – $62.99

Good – Great taste. Recovery time was cut down.

Bad – Taste is very strong. Only 17 servings! Cost.

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