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Kylin Sport 2″ ABS Locking Collars

This is a review of the ABS 2″ locking collars that have been coming in to replace the spring collars of old.  These are Kylin Sport brand.  This is a great set of locking collars that would be a welcome addition to any lifters equipment inventory. This particular set came with a “handy-dandy” carrying case.

Features at a Glance:


  • Easy to Slip On and Off the Bar
  • Fits Olympic Size Bars
  • Quick Snap Design
  • Low cost ($13.00 on Amazon, I received them for a birthday present)
  • Used by professionals and amateurs alike


  • These type of collars can be expensive.  I have seen some as high as $30-40.
  • The only issue I have seen with this type of collar is the locking prong breaking off.  The collar is still “useable” after that happens, but not as secure due to unexpectedly popping open. (I have not had this issue with my particular collar and probably won’t if I don’t just throw it around.)

Where to buy: