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Monday – Chest/Arms

Dumbbell Bench Press – 30x3xx9

Incline Bench Press – 135x3x9

EZ Bar Curl – 75x3x9

Close Grip Bench Press – 175x3x9

Shoulder Complex – 5x3x9

Daily “Selfie” – This is one of my Big Iron Nation T-shirts.  This is in support of Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym (and to a lesser extent the Big Iron Compound in Omaha, NE). One of my favorite shirts because it is great for training in, but also looks nice to wear out.wpid-20151123_053226.jpg

Monday – Chest/Arms

Dumbbell Bench Press – 25x1x10, 30x1x10

Incline Bench Press – 95x1x10, 115x1x10

EZ Bar Curl – 45x1x10, 65x1x10

Close Grip Bench Press – 135x1x10, 155x1x10

Shoulder Complex (front raise x10, lateral raise x10, rear deltoid raise x10) – 5lbs x2 sets

I kept everything light for this workout.  Since I am just getting into doing Hypertrophy training I didn’t want to choose to heavy of weights and burn myself out or injure myself.  I am planning on adding 1 set of 10 each week and increasing the weight by 5 lbs each week if I can.


Week #1

Day #1



Cardio Workout – Nothing

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body Focus (Chest, Tri)

Bench Press Warmups – 165×5, 205×5, 235×3

Bench Press Working Sets – 270×2, 285×2, 300×1, 320×1, 325×1

Bench Press Cool Downs – 250×5

Incline Bench Press – 135x2sx10r

Comments: New Phase – Peaking.  1st time trying a peaking phase.  Created with the help of Mike Israetel.  1st time benching this heavy in a few months.  Shoulder hurt on the lighter weights, but stopped once I got to 285 lbs.  Sets felt fairly easy, 300 was good, 320 was a little struggle, 325 my butt started to come up off the bench.  I need to get my legs back more so that won’t happen.  Had some good spotting from Josh and Heath and a little coaching from Shawn Frankl himself. Done at Big Iron Gym.