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Saturday – Strongman Events

Well, I have decided to compete in South Dakota’s Strongest Man this March.  I haven’t done some of the events before.  My friends Jacob Dagel and Tim Feathers invited me to train with them and to test out the different implements.  Here is what I did:

(Some of the weights, distances, and heights may be off a bit)

Yoke – 505 lbs for 100 ft, 575 lbs for 30 ft.

Sandbag – 180 lbs for 100 ft (pretty quickly, too)

Log – 180 lbs for 3 singles

Giant Dumbbell – 70 lbs for 3 sets of 1 per arm

Atlas Stones – 170 lbs to 54″ platform 2 times, 215 lbs to 54″ platform 2 times.

After this event day, my general thoughts are that my strength is there to handle the weights in the novice class, but I need to work on my conditioning more.