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Hello All,

Last weekend I competed in my first (ever) strongman contest.  It was the 2015 Iowa Games and it was held in Ames, IA.  My main goal for this competition was to “move” every event, at least, a little bit.  The four events that we had were Farmer’s Walk, Tire Flip, Loading Relay, and Truck Pull.

Here is the full layout of how the events were to take place:

Farmer’s Walk – Carry 240 lbs per hand down for 80ft and back in 60 sec. (I only made it 14’2″)

Tire Flip – Try to flip a 730 lb tire as many times in 60 sec. (I only managed 1 flip)

Loading Relay – Pick up 180 lb sand bag, carry it 60 ft and place it on a 48 in platform, pick up a second 180 lb sand bag, carry it back 60 ft and place it on a 36 in platform, pull a 250 (ish) lb sled back 60 ft. ( I believe this was in 60 or 90 sec) (I loaded the bags, but only pulled the sled 7’2.5″)

Truck pull – Pull a 10,000 lb Armored Hummer 100 ft in 60 sec. (I only pulled it 75′.5″)

Here is the video link (courtesy of my brother-in-law Kris and my wife Karmen)