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In another 4 weeks I will hit 6 months on the Cube Method for Strongman 2.0 by Josh Thigpen.  So far, in the 16 weeks (taking out deload weeks), I have put on 65 lbs on my Bench Press, 70 lbs on my Squat, and nearly 100 lbs on my Deadlift.  These results are due to a combination of things.  First off, using Josh’s Cube Method I was able to program a workout that suited my individual needs, as well as being super fun for me.  If a workout isn’t fun I am not likely to do it.  This program kept me motivated to workout everyday (almost) at 5:00 am and then again after work.  Secondly, it was the technique and motivational help I received from my friend Shawn Frankl at the Big Iron Gym.  He pushed me into competing in my first powerlifting meet and convinced me to do another one in February of this year.  He gives me great advice that helps with the powerlifting and strongman side of my workouts.  And last, but definitely not least, it is the support of my friends and family, especially my wife.  She has supported me from the beginning, allowing me to basically build a powerlifting gym in our basement, store all of my strongman implements in the garage, and be gone for up to 4 hours a day working out.  She is wonderful.  She comes to my meets, posts motivational quotes to my Facebook, and even works out with me a couple times a week  She convinced me to start this blog and brand myself (and my home gym) as the Heavy Hammer Gym.  Some things that I am looking forward to and goals for myself for the new year are 1) Competing in my first strongman competition, 2) getting my bench over 400, squat over 500, and deadlift over 550 by my 30th birthday at the end of July, and 3) possibly making some money (or free stuff) for my product and book reviews on this blog.  As a final thought, I would like to thank all of you that follow my blog either by email or through social media.  You are the ones who push me to better myself and help me strive to contribute to society through this blog.  I hope you all have a great 2015!!!

My Wife

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Announcements
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I am so proud of my wife starting to workout/lift.  It is fun to workout with her in the mornings.  I am setting up a short workout program for her.  If any of my followers have any suggestions I would welcome them.  Here is what I have so far:

3 Days a week: MWF, It is a modified Cube Method program.

M – Legs/Shoulders/Abs – Back Squat, Leg Extension/Curl, Dumbbell Press, Shoulder Raise Complex, V-Leg Raise

W – Chest/Arms/Abs – Flat Bench, Tricep Kickback, Bicep Curl, Plank

F – Back/Abs – Deadlift, Bent Over Row, Straight Leg Deadlift, Reverse Hyperextension, Crunch

60% Dynamic – 70% Reps – 80 % Max

Cube Week 1:            M                   W                  F

Cube Week 2:             F                    M                 w

Cube Week 3:             W                    F                  M

Cube Week 4:             30% Deload for each exercise